Here you will find frequently asked questions about HasUptime's web monitoring service. Feel free to select from the categories below to find out more information.

  • Registration and Logging in

  • What is HasUptime?
  • See about us.
  • I forgot my password. What should I do now?
  • Go to the Login and click on the "Forgot your password". The link will open directions to retrieve your password.
  • I registered but I haven' received a message with the activation link. What do I do now?
  • You should check your spam or junk email folders first, since it may have gone there. If it's not there it is possible that you have a typo in your email address. Try registering again, if you cannot re-register you did enter the email address correctly and in this case contact us.
  • Do I have to download or install client software?
  • Nope
  • HasUptime's Web Monitoring Technical Features

  • How do you determine if a server or website is "up" and online?
  • HasUptime has placed monitoring servers around the globe. We use these servers to periodically check in on your website, to be sure it's running as expected. If an outage is detected, we use a server from a different geographic location and network to confirm it's down before sending out alerts.
  • How do I know my web site is operating correctly again?
  • You can choose to receive alerts when your service is back up by editing the Check.
  • What kinds of website failures can be detected?
  • HasUptime detect all sorts of website failures, from time outs to database issues - you can configure the Check to alert you on the first sign of failure.
  • How far back do you keep monitoring statistics for my account?
  • HasUptime was created to monitor your site over long periods of time - we store the uptime statistics, performance, and outages forever. There are more detailed reports and investigations which are stored for 1 year.
  • Can I disable my monitoring for a short period of time?
  • Absolutely. If there is a planned outage you can avoid the alerts by scheduling a maintenance window for the service being monitored.
  • What IP's do you use for your monitoring locations?
  • Since we verify like a user would, we have a dynamic list of IP's we use to monitor, but if you have a special case or need to know contact us and we will let you know our IP's that we use.
  • What is the Maintenance Windows?
  • Periods where a check will not send alerts. This is great to utilize if your website has a planned outage.
  • I can monitor my own servers locally. Why do I need HasUptime.com?
  • HasUptime monitors for failure and performance, with a state of the art monitoring platform. We designed it from the ground up to monitor efficiently and confirm before sending alerts (no one wants 2am failure alerts when the server isn't really down).
  • Why do I get "down alert" when I can reach my website?
  • Because 2+ of our servers detected a failure. We check from across the internet, with the same perspective a potential user has - in order to verify all users can get there.
  • What types of monitoring options do I have?
  • You can use HasUptime to monitor the following:
    1. HTTP: Web Server
    2. FTP: File Transfer Protocol Server
    3. POP3: Email Server
    4. SMTP: Email Server
    5. HTTPS: Secure Socket Layer Server
    6. DNS: Domain Name Server
    7. TCP: Custom Ports
    8. IMAP: Email Server
    9. HTTP Authentication
  • Upgrading Accounts and Canceling

  • How can I cancel my account?
  • At any point you may cancel your subscription, and your account will be converted to a free account (with 1 check allowed). Be careful though! This will cancel any checks that depend on your paid subscription.

    If you want your free account entirely deleted forever, please contact us. We may think it's silly, becaue our service rocks, but we'll delete it upon request.

  • Is there a cancellation fee?
  • Nope
  • How do I upgrade my account?
  • Once logged in you can see the "upgrade" category on the left side navigation. You can change your subscription at any time. If you downgrade it WILL deactivate some of your checks.
  • Alerts and Contacts

  • How can I add additional alert email contacts?
  • You can add additional contacts to your account, and select those contacts to be alerted for individual Checks. This allows you to add your server administrators, programmers, and other interested parties - and pick and choose which contacts get alerted for which services.
  • How can I add SMS alerts to my account?
  • To receive SMS alerts, or text messages, you must first buy credits. These credits are then spent each time you are sent an SMS alert - simply add your mobile number to the contact and select to be alerted.
  • Why do I only receive email alerts and not SMS alerts?
  • If your credit balance is 0, you will no longer receive SMS alerts. Buy some more credit!
  • HasUptime Checks

  • How do I create a check?
    1. 1) Login to your account.
    2. 2) Click "Checks" on the left.
    3. 3) Click "New Check" and follow the on screen insructions. Each step has tool tips to assist with questions you may have.

    If you want to monitor something more advanced, contact us and we'll help you figure it out!

  • How can I add more Checks to my account?
  • You can upgrade your account type and/or buy more.
  • Do you offer a monitoring frequency of less than 5 minutes?
  • We offer 2 minute frequency to our Premium and Advanced website monitoring service packages for an optional $5 a month.
  • How can I display my uptime reports publicly?
    1. 1) Login to your account.
    2. 2) Click "Checks" on the left.
    3. 3) Click on the desired check.
    4. 4) Choose the display option you're looking for, and copy the code to your own website/blog/etc.

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